Marty's album

Marty Thomas

Broadway credits:
Xanadu (Featured Skater, Dance Captain),
The Secret Garden (Colin),
Wicked (ensemble member)

Marty made his Broadway debut at age 11, playing Colin in The Secret Garden. He also appeared on Broadway in Wicked and Xanadu. He is a Grammy Nominated recording artist, his 2001 hit single "Resurrect Me (Lift Me Up)" being named Billboard Magazines song of the year. He was named the 1992 Junior Vocalist Ed McMahons Star Search Champion beating a then unknown, Britney Spears. He has appeared on MTV, VH1, Fox Kids, The Today Show, The Tony Awards, Jay Leno, The Oxygen Network, 20/20, Entertainment Tonight, Inside Edition, The View and Regis and Kelly. He currently plays Damon' on the CBS sitcom Two Broke Girls and Charlie on the Netflix drama Grace and Frankie. His music can be found on itunes, Follow @martythomasbway on twitter and @martythomaslovesyou on Instagram.

I commuted to Miller Marley every week to take dance classes with Shirley and Brian and to take voice lessons from Dr. Yoss. Every night I got to spend in the studio was pure joy for me. I grew up in a small farm town north of Kansas City and to be surrounded with other performers my age who shared my interest in the arts was so important to me. I learned music appreciation skills, audition skills and stage presence at Miller Marley. I will always with gratitude, cherish my years spent there.

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