Sandahl Bergman

Broadway credits: A Chorus Line and national touring companies of Dancin' and Chicago .

Even when she was a youngster attending dance classes at Miller-Marley, it was clear to everyone that this little girl was going to be a star. Now, with over 30 film credits under her belt, appearances on over 20 prime time television shows and featured roles on the Broadway stage, it's safe to say that Sandahl Bergman is a star. Sandahl is best known as Arnold Schwarzenegger's sexy costar in the film, Conan the Barbarian; the role that earned her a Golden Globe Award for Best New Star of the Year. Sandahl portrayed Cassie, the female lead in the long-running A Chorus Line. A favorite of Bob Fosse, Sandahl was a featured dancer in the Broadway hits Dancin' and Chicago and later went on to play the stunning and statuesque female lead dancer in Fosse's film, All That Jazz. She has appeared on stage and screen with the likes of Ben Vereen, Gene Kelly, James Earl Jones and Jessica Lange, to name a few. Most recently Sandahl was hired as dance coach to Melanie Griffith, who is currently starring in Chicago on Broadway. And to think, it all started back in Kansas City with Shirley Marley.

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