Lisa Karlin

Grayson McGuire

Grayson McGuire, Alumni of Miller Marley School of Dance and Voice, started dancing at the age of 12. After graduating high school and getting signed with his current Agency, Clear Talent Group for Dance, Grayson moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the commercial dance industry. Since Moving to Los Angeles, Grayson has worked with artists such as Twenty One Pilots, Asia Monet, Doug Locke, and more. Recently Grayson has been studying under wing of industry professionals such as Rhapsody James and Dana Foglia who both choreograph for Beyoncé’s world tours and music videos. Grayson is also a member of Dana Foglia’s professional company, and Entity Dance Company Directed by Marissa Osato and Will Johnston and teaches at several studios in the Los Angeles area.

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